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Our Services

We offer clients complete investment planning utilizing stocks, bonds, mutual funds, IRA(s), 401(k)s, SEP's, as well as, life insurance and long-term health care insurance. Through strategic alliances with other professionals, we are able to refer our clients to companies that offer fee-based Asset Management.

Why Investment Planning and Asset Management?

Most people today are too busy keeping up with the changes in their own specialized areas to remain current with the ever-changing financial services industry. To prepare an investment plan with the same attention to detail as that of a professional planner would just take too much time and research. This would be time away from our personal life, occupation, business, or civic responsibilities. An investment professional is certainly not intended to replace any of your existing advisors with whom you now have a satisfactory relationship. However, by evaluating your total financial situation, a qualified investment planner can coordinate strategies that may better help you achieve your stated goals and objectives. Dealing with an investment planner will give you the peace of mind in knowing that your financial situations are being handled by a full-time professional who is dedicated to your financial needs and who is in constant pursuit of your goals. IARFC Link