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Asset Management and Portfolio Management

Stephanie Bailey, our Division Manager, is able to offer Portfolio Management services to our clients. Additionally, we are able to refer our clients to a number of fee-based professional asset management firms with whom we have developed strategic business alliances. These Asset Managers are able to make the daily decisions of portfolio analysis, selection, allocation, and timeliness of appropriations. Fees can range from 1.0% to 2.9% annually depending on the program and assets invested. The advantages to the client are numerous:

  • Guidance of a professional
  • Full array of investments-equities, mutual funds, annuities, and insurance
  • Consolidated statements
  • Freedom from daily decisions
  • Multiple management programs
  • Customization for individual needs

Active versus Passive

We believe in an “active approach to wealth management."" That means that there is a real person in charge of decisions and analyses regarding portfolio investments. This differs from some management programs (passive) that depend on mechanical methods or computer models to determine portfolio investments. The equity markets are dynamic in behavior and therefore require evaluation only possible with a human touch.

Asset Management Programs

Each client is unique in his or her financial situation. Therefore, we are able to place our clients in programs to suit different needs. The key feature of any asset management program is simply fee based versus transaction-based investing. We prefer that the manager’s fee is directly tied to the asset held under management. If fee based asset management sounds right for your situation, allow us to refer you.